Murat Günaydın

Murat Günaydın

Experienced Consultant (UX) in Istanbul


I have been working in design for over six years. For the first two years of my career I worked as a graphic designer, rising to expert level. For more than four years I have focused on interface design and user experience. I am currently working in the field of UI / UX. I provide consulting services to Turkey's leading large companies with more than 40 million users.

Work Experience

2023 — Now

Providing consultancy for the user experience designs to leading Turkish Telco - Turkcell, I and my team of 50+ consultant designers create mobile & web applications, and responsive web designs for the brand.

The projects that I am mainly responsible for are;
• Turkcell App
• CCSI Turkcell Şirketim Mobile Application

Besides that projects; I give support to Turkcell Superonline & Turkcell Pasaj App (E-Commerce) projects.

2022 — 2023

UniPubs, developed and invested in by university students, is Turkey's first and only super app for university students. It was a project process in which I personally participated and managed all design processes.

In this project;
• User research
• Design of 6 different platforms for web & mobile
• Designed 4 superapp modules
• Creating new designs based on user metrics and usability testing
I worked in areas such as

2020 — 2022

GMC Technology is a software development company with a special focus on startup projects. The company has supported 16 different startup projects in the areas of e-commerce, entertainment, social media and automation. A team of 18 people, including myself, contributed to the realisation of these projects.

My role was to participate in the UI/UX processes. In this process I worked on several projects. These projects included document control applications, web management panels, mobile applications and automation applications on user/administrator panels, social media applications and e-commerce applications.

Projects I worked on:
• AppyHour (v1, v2, v2.1)
• RouteInn (v1, v2, v3)
• Mole (v1)
• Agri-Rest IoT (v1)
• TestEt (v1)
• Panda Kids (v1, v1.5)

2019 — 2020

I designed the UI/UX designs and logo of the first version of the UniPubs mobile app.

2019 — 2020
2018 — 2019
Graphic Designer at Özfidancı Bilişim


Sertificate Of Achievement - Grafikerlik from Akademi Dünya
Sertificate Of Achievement - Liderlik from Akademi Dünya
Sertificate Of Achievement - Adobe Photoshop from Akademi Dünya
Google Dijital Atölye Sertifikasyonu - Dijital Pazarlamanın Temelleri from Google


2022 — Now
Istanbul - London

Founded in 2015, KizCode is an award winning social enterprise that aims to empower girls and young women from minority groups, immigrants, and disadvantaged communities by helping them gain on demand technology skills such as science, physics, mathematics, coding, robotics through workshops, online classes, mentorship programs, and open sourced education materials.